Installing LOVD

Before you install

Pre-install Setup
You will need to rename the standard config file config.ini-lovd to config.ini and edit it in, for example, a basic text editor. This is absolutely mandatory, because you will need to enter the MySQL hostname, database name, username and password here.
Please go through the entire config.ini file to determine if you need to change any of the other settings.

Warning A .htaccess file is put in the root directory of your LOVD installation protecting the .ini file. This will prevent the .ini file from being viewed on Apache HTTP servers (if configured properly), the most commonly used webserver. If you use Apache, please check that your version and configuration support this feature. Make sure you have the .htaccess file into your LOVD directory, on Unix and Linux systems it's a hidden file so it can be missed easily. For the .htaccess file to work, you need to have "Limit" and "Options" enabled in Apache's "AllowOverride" setting. If you use a different webserver, make sure to configure it to deny access to the config.ini file. LOVD will access the .ini file through the filesystem.

More information about .htaccess files:

More information about AllowOverride:

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